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Our new daytime phone number is 707-939-8607 and all our extensions remain the same.

Our toll free number will remain the same, but is still in transition. Thank you for your understanding.

Racing Boat

Racing: Boat Racing Wether you're behind the wheel or watching from the side, theBoom noise canceling headsets are perfect for the thrills and high speeds of boat racing.

theBoom For Boat Racing

We believe the theBoom technology enables the best noise canceling headset available for competitive boat racing

Using theUmeCobra Mic in your race boat and in the shore crew you will:

  • Experience amazing clarity - hear and be heard accurately
  • Never miss a word and be completely understood, every time!

“Boat race quote here.”

CES Racing Team

theBoom For Boat Racing Fans

theBoom Quiet and theBoom E are the best way to enjoy the race and never miss a call

  • Enjoy the roar of the engines while taking your important calls!
  • Have a clear two way conversation without leaving your seat

Boat Racing Headsets

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