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theBoom and The Need For Speed

Wether it's Auto Racing, or Boat Racing or if you're a fan of either, we make the best noice canceling headsets that are perfect for winning or enjoying the race.

theBoom UmeCobra racing microphone has proven itself on all the top racing circuits across the world including Nascar, Lemans, and Indy. Incorporated into the racers helmet communications system, the driver can clearly and effectively communicate with their pit crew.


Instant Clarity Upgrade

Our most popular, versatile microphone, ideal for high noise environments. Used by military helicopter pilots, flight-line personnel, Nascar, and commercial aviation.

Standard aviation headsets/helmets can be retrofit with the UmeCobra microphone in less than one minute!


We offer the the UmeCobra microphone in the following options:

  • Plug-in
  • Rotating/Swivel
  • Dynamic (5 Ohms/150 ohms).
  • Elecret (3k Ohms, w/o Amplifier).
  • Elecret 3k Ohms with Amplifier [Add $10.00].

Benefits and Features

  • Dramatic Noise Reduction - UmeCobra™ has an average 10 dB improvement over the M-87 with a maximum of 30 db improvement in average speech bandwidth.
  • Ideal for high noise environments, UmeCobra's™ noise rejection performance surpasses all passive or active micro-phonic systems including 2-port, 2-active and array microphone designs. The difference is particularly stark in high noise levels.
  • Noise Rejection takes a new shape: UmeVoice's patented noise cancellation technology rejects extraneous background noise.
  • An acoustically based approach; UmeCobra™ accentuates the speaker's voice by concentrating it on the front port of a two-port microphone, while deflecting background noise from the back port.

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