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Blackhawk Helicopter

Military: Army: “The UmeVoice Bone Conduction Headset with the UmeCobra Mic is used by ground personnel in the Air Force. In the Army, the clarity of the UmeCobra Mic is crucial to our Special Ops aviators at Ft. Campbell KY.”

Robert G. “Bob” DeFeo, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

theBoom Bone Conduction and the US Army Blackhawk Helicopter

There US Armed Services rely upon theBoom noise canceling headsets in dangerous operations where clarity counts and literally saves lives.

With theBoom you will:

  • Experience greater call clarity - hear and be heard accurately
  • Never miss a word and be completely understood, every time!
  • Use your iPhone on the go, in your car with no noisy distractions, even in a convertible!
  • Use iPhone OS 3.0 Voice Control and Apps like Dragon Dictation with greater accuracy for a truly hands free experience
  • Save battery life - unlike with battery hungry Bluetooth headsets
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